Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights

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I am getting my first novel Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights ready for Kindle. This is a reading device that is available at The Kindle reader is the trend of the future!

It’s been nine years since Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights was published, and I think it is still relevant with the themes of metaphysical poetry, the Esalen hot tubs, the Henry Miller Memorial Library, and the influence of Surrealism on the contemporary novel. As I reread this novel now I realize that the perspective is that of someone who has read a lot of new age literature, which I was doing when I was visiting the Higher Self bookstore years ago. I notice the influences of the Psalms, the New Testament, the Tao Te Ching, Jose Arguelles, the Mahabharata, Dick Sutphen, and his tape series on Past Life Regressions. I practiced self hypnosis for years, and you will see the results in this novel.

Meditations at Big Sur

I’m playing my twelve string guitar as the river streams by in the moonlight, while I sit on a rock formation next to the perpetual motion of the flowing water, I look up towards the wooden bridge that is still lit with Christmas lights, and think of a woman I just met. The sound of the strings resonates with the truth of the moment, and above the redwoods the starlight is glimmering through the forest like luminescent gems, reminding me of the medeival legend of a musician who played a stringed instrument. Up above the winter constellations glimmer above the mountains of Big Sur, while I play through my acoustic repertoire realizing that this is one of those incredible moments of my life, here in this enchanted forest of the ancients. The digital transparencies of the reflected light from the river’s surface form a sequence of visual trails running through the riverbed, while I relax in a meditative position up on a rock above the edge of the canvas. The colors of the emotional tones of light transcend into a heightened consciousness on the flowing surface of the painting, where the language of my inner self is revealed in the superimposition of images before the reader. I write this afternoon’s journal entry at Nepenthe, a restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the redwood forest flowing down the coast, the ocean reflective quicksilver.

January 6th, 2000. Big Sur, California.

Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights by David Detrich

$19.95       346 pages 9 x 9 with color photographs of Big Sur

Dream the Presence of the Circular Breast Starfish Topography

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I am completing a large horizontal format Surrealist Novel, with color illustrations of Surrealist art. This is progressing slowly in the first months of 2010, yet it is an intellectual adventure in the style of the innovative novels which first began appearing in 1963, such as Hopscotch by Julio Cortazar or Composition No. 1 by Marc Saporta, where the reading of the novel is more challenging to the reader, who will have the chance to consider different ways of reading through the minimal squares, usually from left to right, yet also in ascending and descending order. I have included a Note on Reading at the beginning of the novel to help the reader comprehend the typographical design of the chapters.

Dream the Presence of the Circular Breast Starfish Topography is a parallel development to a story called Boxes by Ronald Sukenick, from The Endless Short Story of 1986, where the minimal squares of the text have evolved from the innovative writers of the 20th Century.

Dream the Presence of the Circular Breast Starfish Topography is a Surrealist Novel, and it is a continuation of the themes from Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights of 2001. It begins in Big Sur, and moves on to the nightlife of San Francisco, with scenes from Palo Alto, Santa Rosa, and Santa Cruz.

Joy ionisation foresight dream the presence of the circular breast starfish topography of seductive moonlight… a happening… the flower figure in synchronicity with simultaneous colorbursts converging with Mu in a pipedream of textural oneiric images within the niche drawing angelic silver blue bubbles from the Jean Arp poème déchiré opus satin a yarn of foggy metamorphosis rendering Blue Violet Butterfly in a facial phantasm with sequins of gold strewn across the anaglyphic brook mystifying the Surrealist poet who meditates on the wilderness frills of articulate prose… a happening… at the Berkeley Art Center where the cerebral assemblage blossoms into the amorous gods advancing towards the Golden Gate Bridge transforming the ecstatic moonlight into the bareback rider of photogenic conceptualized fogbanks inscribing the oceanographic halo of the gladdened transposition of beret esthetic brickwork traipsing the ambient atonal acquiescence

Oxygenation of theoretical blue ocean surface encircles the deep hued yellow metaphysical clock harmonics reading the angles of the Cubist book written in branches of celestial novelistic prose forming liquid syllables of poetic tweed which trace the sequential reader of vertical optical phenomenon comprising the ephemera of love soothing the naked eye this olive green rainfall composition of twelve tones written in eccentric chesspiece ivory exaltation in permutations of anecdote as rainbow trout swim across the parameters of her heavenly moon white breasts towards the birdcage transversal of logic performed on twelve string guitar with asyntactic sentence structure in transendent forests of wind chimes inspiring the Surrealist novel of conceptual metaphoric writ written in retrograde inversion of form as the blonde Pangaian likeness guides the spaceship towards the sun in a correlation of elevated perceptual synchromistic perspectives

Harmony complexity thought put into motion the astonishing apprehension of Surreality within the kaleidoscopic lens focusing on the visage of blonde mermaid consciousness within the essence of the circle where an aptitude to engage the ivory countenance ascending into space as Fibonnaci shrimp harken with sauvignon blanc transcending the linear blue gentleman who drives through the pandemonium of intratextuality composed of recycled vocabulary while a psychic automatism guides his meandering over the Spring Mountain reasoned fluidity of projected images etching windows on the chronology of rock formations theorizing the caresss of pastel blonde flowing into the transformation of comely breasts from the unzipped perspective the futuristic reader whose transposition of continents strides across the atonal babble of glistening brooks intermingling with the poet Micheal Sykes of metaphoric black cats prancing the introspective parameters of novelistic ink

Naked kiss intimacy ring the parallelepiped gentleman of peacock vocalizations who admires the birdcage model flowered photogenic nude whose halo is an eclipse of lunar time within the color spectrum which strobes through the lightshow trips along the synapse of the multichromatic violet blue blonde whose cryptic suggestions inspire the metallic chrome gentleman who admires the shaved glass slippered quintessence cuddled within the Kama Sutra aura of candlelight peace within the metaphysical illumination of eyes feeling empathy for the rings of Saturn which form the infrastructure of automatic writing assembled across the telescopic hilltops of literary expression in logical skylines of subtle typographical constructs on the perimeter of the desk angels hippies and chanterelles erect the precession of horticultural literary design written in dashing intellectual models of elation whirrs azure

Innovative Fiction: The New Generation

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David Detrich is working on another large format book of essays called Innovative Fiction: The New Generation, which contains selections from Innovations 1, American New Writing, with new essays and critifiction. This book features fiction and an interview with Maurice Roche, fiction by Raymond Federman, essays on Philippe Sollers, Jacques Derrida, Jean Arp, Sophie Tauber-Arp, Ronald Sukenick and Lynn Luria Sukenick.

Some of you may remember Innovations 1, with its star spangled theme of metal stars on a green textured cover, that featured essays by David Detrich, such as Innovative Fiction: The New Generation, 20th Century Artforms: New Writing, and fiction Seven Canvasses …crowning the cerebral sphere, and the critifiction piece called Pan(op)ticoninglyoninglyoninglytheoreticallyoningly.

The magazine included a mesostic by John Cage, a photo of John Cage and Marcel Duchamp playing chess, and fiction by Raymond Federman. There will be essays on the Fiction Collective authors Ronald Sukenick, Raymond Federman and Steve Katz. David Detrich first met Ronald Sukenick at the 98.6 reading at Cody’s Bookstore in Berkeley. Over the years he visited with Ronald Sukenick in Boulder, as he drove across the country. Now that Ronald Sukenick and Raymond Federman have passed on, David has begun work on an innovative typographical novel called The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending. He will discuss this in another post.

Innovative Fiction: The New Generation will feature translations of Maurice Roche by Mark Polizzotti, and a Maurice Roche interview by Serge Gavronsky. Also included are essays on Philppe Sollers novel Event, Roland Barthes book Writer/Sollers, and Dissemination by Jacques Derrida, with a close reading of Nombres, and a line by line interpretation. David is impressed with Promethea by Helene Cixous, and also the collaboration called Veils with Jacques Derrida. Jacques Derrida signed his copy of the secret art of antonin artaud at Stanford’s Roundtable discussions with Jacques Derrida.

Also included is an interview with Keewaydinoquay by David Detrich, fiction by Misha, and an excerpt from The Buddha Trip by Jorge Ottaviano.