Innovative Fiction: The New Generation

David Detrich is working on another large format book of essays called Innovative Fiction: The New Generation, which contains selections from Innovations 1, American New Writing, with new essays and critifiction. This book features fiction and an interview with Maurice Roche, fiction by Raymond Federman, essays on Philippe Sollers, Jacques Derrida, Jean Arp, Sophie Tauber-Arp, Ronald Sukenick and Lynn Luria Sukenick.

Some of you may remember Innovations 1, with its star spangled theme of metal stars on a green textured cover, that featured essays by David Detrich, such as Innovative Fiction: The New Generation, 20th Century Artforms: New Writing, and fiction Seven Canvasses …crowning the cerebral sphere, and the critifiction piece called Pan(op)ticoninglyoninglyoninglytheoreticallyoningly.

The magazine included a mesostic by John Cage, a photo of John Cage and Marcel Duchamp playing chess, and fiction by Raymond Federman. There will be essays on the Fiction Collective authors Ronald Sukenick, Raymond Federman and Steve Katz. David Detrich first met Ronald Sukenick at the 98.6 reading at Cody’s Bookstore in Berkeley. Over the years he visited with Ronald Sukenick in Boulder, as he drove across the country. Now that Ronald Sukenick and Raymond Federman have passed on, David has begun work on an innovative typographical novel called The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending. He will discuss this in another post.

Innovative Fiction: The New Generation will feature translations of Maurice Roche by Mark Polizzotti, and a Maurice Roche interview by Serge Gavronsky. Also included are essays on Philppe Sollers novel Event, Roland Barthes book Writer/Sollers, and Dissemination by Jacques Derrida, with a close reading of Nombres, and a line by line interpretation. David is impressed with Promethea by Helene Cixous, and also the collaboration called Veils with Jacques Derrida. Jacques Derrida signed his copy of the secret art of antonin artaud at Stanford’s Roundtable discussions with Jacques Derrida.

Also included is an interview with Keewaydinoquay by David Detrich, fiction by Misha, and an excerpt from The Buddha Trip by Jorge Ottaviano.



~ by David Detrich on March 20, 2010.

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