Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights

I am getting my first novel Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights ready for Kindle. This is a reading device that is available at The Kindle reader is the trend of the future!

It’s been nine years since Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights was published, and I think it is still relevant with the themes of metaphysical poetry, the Esalen hot tubs, the Henry Miller Memorial Library, and the influence of Surrealism on the contemporary novel. As I reread this novel now I realize that the perspective is that of someone who has read a lot of new age literature, which I was doing when I was visiting the Higher Self bookstore years ago. I notice the influences of the Psalms, the New Testament, the Tao Te Ching, Jose Arguelles, the Mahabharata, Dick Sutphen, and his tape series on Past Life Regressions. I practiced self hypnosis for years, and you will see the results in this novel.

Meditations at Big Sur

I’m playing my twelve string guitar as the river streams by in the moonlight, while I sit on a rock formation next to the perpetual motion of the flowing water, I look up towards the wooden bridge that is still lit with Christmas lights, and think of a woman I just met. The sound of the strings resonates with the truth of the moment, and above the redwoods the starlight is glimmering through the forest like luminescent gems, reminding me of the medeival legend of a musician who played a stringed instrument. Up above the winter constellations glimmer above the mountains of Big Sur, while I play through my acoustic repertoire realizing that this is one of those incredible moments of my life, here in this enchanted forest of the ancients. The digital transparencies of the reflected light from the river’s surface form a sequence of visual trails running through the riverbed, while I relax in a meditative position up on a rock above the edge of the canvas. The colors of the emotional tones of light transcend into a heightened consciousness on the flowing surface of the painting, where the language of my inner self is revealed in the superimposition of images before the reader. I write this afternoon’s journal entry at Nepenthe, a restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the redwood forest flowing down the coast, the ocean reflective quicksilver.

January 6th, 2000. Big Sur, California.

Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights by David Detrich

$19.95       346 pages 9 x 9 with color photographs of Big Sur


~ by David Detrich on March 22, 2010.

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  1. How are you…Do you do facebook I’ve been using that a lot.. I just added you today under books I like!!! I miss seeing you around and am still blowing bubbles… What have you been up to…Your book is so mind altering! Every time I read it it inspires a new state of mind!!! And the more I learn about some of the stuff you wrote about the deeper it all gets. It’s so multidimensional and that fascinates me!!! Take care, let’s keep in touch… Terry Ann

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